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Sweet linework here. i'm loving your style, and her [duckface] expression. Such a sassy lady~ I'm super in love with that left hand, I find it to be very well done and understood.

As for a bit of critique/suggestions, while the anatomy seems pretty well done, especially for this difficult angle, that right leg that transitions into the hip is a bit too sharp and makes her leg look awkward because of the angle of her foot. Another small design issue that I have is that her right arm is completely devoured by the black stripe adorning the background. It is a bit confusing to look at, it flattens her torso out. I understand that her arm is probably completely behind her but I think some suggestion of her arm or sleeve to separate it from the stripe would help a bit. Perhaps break the stripe up into two smaller stripes? Or perhaps pronounce her right shoulder a bit more so the fact that it is behind her looks a bit more convincing.

Tick Bite Tick Bite

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ah, this style reminds me a bit of Skullgirls! I love it. I adore the patterns/designs on her skin, and your ridiculously smooth line work.

I have to agree with Wabbla though, her underskirt is the same color as the background so it makes it rather hard to differentiate them. I would suggest lightening or darkening the color of the underskirt so it doesn't look like her arm is chopped off. Also her right hand appears to have a bit of white between the thumb and the fingers--nothing huge but seeing as everything else colored white is very deliberate, I think it would help to fix that.

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Triggershock responds:


There are a few mistakes here and there, such as the white inside the hand because it was a little rushed and bringing files from school to home and vice versa makes me forget what I should fix (maybe I should write notes on the side...).
And again, with the skirt, I can't do anything about it because the layers are merged because I'm a dumb butt and I'm kicking myself for doing that.

Leg Armor Study Leg Armor Study

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I just checked out some of your work, and oh man, this is truly wonderful.

I'm in an observational tablet drawing class right now and I don't have near the patience to complete/attempt something as difficult and time-consuming as this. The reflection in the leg closest to the viewer is incredibly well-done. The attention to detail in it completely surpasses a lot of professional concept artists' work I've seen. Great job!

Squirtle Squirt Squirtle Squirt

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I think I have a weakness for Pokemon with big manly eyebrows. So hawt. Great job on the muscles and the turtle suit lololo.

This is a little nitpicky, your friends' pose/throwing hand in relation to the Pokeball bugs me a little, but the Pokeballs do kind of magically suspend themselves in air and I myself am incredibly incompetent at capturing motion anyway, so this drawing is incredibly awesome regardless!

thdark responds:

Yeah, I sort of drew the hand as if it kept going after throwing, which made sense in my mind.
But if that doesn't come across and it looks wrong, gives me something work on in the future.

Sandman Sandman

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fantastic usage of style and color here. The negative space thanks to the void of white complements your palette very well. I adore the little triangle of blue in the bottom left, I think that works -so- well in bringing this image together.

I find the sand to be distracting, though. It looks as if you started to draw it normally, then took the smudge tool and wiggled it around until there were no traces of your linework left. I find your lines to be quite lovely, and wish that they continued into the sand, instead of turning into a weird sand-colored blob.

Sidenote, I would like to read The Sandman at some point, heard so many good things.

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Xentarim responds:

Ah. You got me there. My original intent was to have the sand in a similar style to the rest of the Sandman. Unfortunately, it just refused to stay in the format, refusing to look natural unless I stopped constraining it with the lines. It's a learning process, to be sure. I'll get it right one day, and maybe then I will revisit this with whatever newfound skills I would have then =)

In any case, I'm glad lad you liked it.

On a side note, you really should read The Sandman. Not all of Gaiman's works agree with me, but I find Sandman to be one of his best, and it is really very, very good.